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South Carolina
no ballots,
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New Hampshire
80% of ballots processed in illegal secret computer count

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 (Sorry for "old school" look of this website, but the info is earth-shaking. Our updated look will be at - coming soon.) Presidential Candidates, contact us so we can help you get a fair count in the Iowa Caucus in Feb, 2016: email WatchTheVote at write us at Watch The Vote 2016, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211), or call at 513-741-2095.
Oct 1, 2015: A Plea From this Group -- us, at -- who forced the Iowa GOP to change the Iowa Caucus winner in 2012 from Romney to Santorum 2 weeks after that Caucus, a FIRST in US Political History
An Urgent Plea Primarily to
Donald Trump & Rand Paul,
and also Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee et al --

The Iowa GOP has a long history of cheating for ESTABLISHMENT-APPROVED candidates in the now-defunct Iowa Straw Poll AND the very important Iowa Caucus. It is proven beyond dispute that they cheated Patrick Buchanan in 1996 -- and Rick Santorum in 2012 (and probably Ron Paul and Michele Bachman in 2012)

Watching the TV News Networks, it is clear that as of late September 2015, Donald Trump is slated for "political annihilation" by phony "polls" and a rigged caucus in Iowa, followed by "defeat" by computerized votefraud in New Hampshire and the rest of the computerized Presidential Primary states, which is all of them.

MR. TRUMP and SENATOR PAUL, and other non-establishment-approved candidates -- We can tell you for absolute SURE how to stop the votefraud in the Iowa Caucus (perpetrated by the Iowa GOP headquarters, NOT by the people of Iowa) and how to perhaps stop the computerized rigging of the rest of the Presidential primaries. Computerized-rigging in Super Tuesday states was used to make Dole in 1996, McCain in 2008, and Romney in 2012 the "winners" of the GOP nomination for those years. If not stopped, this rigging will be done again in 2016 to "elect" an Establishment-approved candidate, such as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Gov. John Kasich. Please scroll down just  a bit to the "Page of Analysis and Three Videos" section, and Please read and watch those. Also -- read "A House without Doors" here about the proven votefraud against Pat Buchanan in 1996 in the Iowa Caucus, published by Chronicles Magazine, and unrefuted by the Iowa GOP Headquarters for now 19 years. On January 19, 2012, the Des Moines Register finally wrote that many believed Pat Buchanan had won the 1996 GOP Iowa Presidential Caucus, not Bob Dole. Below, the 2012 story:

* * * * * * * 

Below find the Facts on WatchTheVote2012, the Saga of Edward True, and why the Iowa State GOP had to change their published winner from Romney to Santorum two weeks after the Presidential Caucus of January 3, 2012


     Edward L. True      

     Judy Spady   

       Earth Shaking Affidavit

  Caught Screenshots
of the Error (?)


A Week After Edward True and WatchTheVote2012 Teamed up to publish his story and affidavit on January 4th -- Newsweek Senior Columnist John Avlon picked up the story in his column at -- and within hours was on Erin Burnett's CNN show, "Outfront", with Edward True as Guest also. All this publicity resulted in the announced winner of Iowa Caucus 2012 changing from Romney to Santorum -- Showing the POWER of one lone citizen Eye-witness in a transparent Caucus (like Iowa's). Such an "eye-witness is rendered impossible in South Carolina, Florida, and beyond - due to secret computer "counts."

CNN Reported at 6:30 AM, Jan 19, 2012:
 Santorum now wins Iowa Caucus by 34 votes
(kindof ) - as Iowa GOP Election Officials Pretended to be confused -- saying that the real count "may never be known."

* * * * 
Page of Analysis & Three Videos for Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and all 2016 Presidential Candidates who aren't the Establishment-certified "OK" Candidates, i.e., Jeb Bush,  Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Gov. John Kasich - to watch:

 Check Here for a link to Our Analysis of the Romney to Santorum switch --
including the REAL VILLAINS BEHIND ENABLING THE IOWA State GOP HQ TO FEIGN CONFUSION at this juncture ABOUT THE 2012 Iowa Caucus Winner!

Breaking Again!: WHOA! Edward True appears on CNN in an excellent report by Newsweek Columnist John Avlon and host Erin Burnett!
Can anyone download this video before it is taken down?

Breaking: Senior Newsweek Columnist breaks ranks with National Media and does some real reporting on Edward True Affidavit and its consequences

Edward True mentions "WatchTheVote2012" in Live Phone Interview on CNN (Thanks, Edward!) --
Click Here!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Edward L. True Affidavit
Which Led to the Change of Winner In Iowa Caucus 2012

Click Here for True Affidavit & Screen Shots from Iowa GOP State Website on Caucus Nite
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Iowa GOP HQ Squirming Under Light of Edward True Affidavit -- Misses Certification date --
Click here for analysis and recent articles, including a WSJ article

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Black Box Voting (Bev Harris, "star" of HBO documentary, "Hacking Democracy") carries article about Edward True: Scroll down a little on the blog if you're seeing this on Jan 18, 2012 later
Click Here for Black Box Voting Article mentioning Edward True

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Iowa State GOP HQ Backs down after 1/2 day of trying to discredit Edward True -- GOP Appanoose County Chair in Iowa confirms the truth of Edward L. True's affidavit
Thank you, Mr. Brinegar. Click here for Des Moines Register story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Important: Click here for why everyone should disregard the idiotic comments of Professor Dennis Goldford of Drake University criticizing the Iowa Caucus Local Process in the above linked story
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 More Breaking News on News!  So far stories about Edward True's earth-shaking affidavit have appeared on KCCI TV in Des Moines, Iowa (see at - excellent report) and the Huffington Post. At this minute, the True Affidavit, with its supporting evidence and other witnesses, -- changes the winner of the Iowa Caucus 2012 FROM Romney TO Santorum -- if no more discrepancies are found.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your Voice counts -- Add it to Ours!

- Become part of the ongoing updates, and the conversation, at our  Facebook Page  at - if not a member, go to, sign up, & then search for "WatchTheVote2012" (no spaces), and then you can join the "WatchTheVote2012" page

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Edward True has erected a new page: check it out everyone and be sure to like the page

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We've criticized many GOP State HQ for shady to dishonest procedures -- but the Idaho GOP State HQ ran the 2012 Idaho Caucus honesty and as an election of any kind should be run. Mitt Romney was the clear winner. We had unprecedented participation from Idaho Citizens on the ground, including Idaho GOP County Chairmen. Scroll down for our report.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Click here for:
Open Letter to the Nebraska State GOP Leadership
about the Nebraska GOP State Convention July 13-14

Part  of the Open Letter to Nebraska GOP Leadership from Edward True :
I write this open letter at this time because eyes across the nation this week are on the Nebraska GOP state convention. The Nebraska GOP convention could have a great impact on the National Republican Presidential Convention coming up in Tampa. (Read More . . .)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Click here for:
Open Letter to the Colorado State GOP Leadership
about the Colorado State Convention on April 13 & 14, 2012
Mr. Edward True issued a letter on April 9, 2012, on behalf of Watch The Vote 2012, to the Colorado State GOP Leadership about concerns over how the Colorado GOP State delegate selection convention is to be run. This letter has great significance -- for now, for the recent past, and for the future -- we suggest you read the letter through, and then go back and watch the significant YouTube videos that are linked within the letter

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    

(Scroll down a bit for significant past developments in 2012)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   

The Idaho State GOP Ran an Honest Vote Count: Mitt Romney was clearly the Winner -- and the Idaho State GOP clearly ran an honest caucus vote count

Click here for our Final Idaho Report - & why we focused on Idaho on Super Tuesday

Click here for IDAHO Caucus Results Reported to Us from the Ground
How to use the above linked Google Doc to See Idaho Caucus Results: The Above Link brings you to the Idaho State Total page -- if you look at the VERY BOTTOM OF THE DOCUMENT, you will see tabs for this Idaho State total page, with all the counties beneath that total line. As each county is entered, the google doc automatically totals the numbers (which can be double checked by using a calculator, if you wish. - And - there is a tab along the bottom of the google doc for EACH COUNTY in Idaho individually. Just click on the tab you would like to see. Results should begin to be posted at 11:30 PM EST, and 8:30 PM PST. These are actual totals as EYE-Witnessed on the ground in Idaho by real people. Some visitors may need a gmail account to access this google doc. - Sorry. But it's not hard to set up a gmail account.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vote Monitor Tally Sheet / Affidavit Form for You To Print out
If you are a vote monitor for any caucus or gathering in the USA, print out this form (word.doc) to tally votes &/or to use as your affidavit for what you witnessed -- Click Here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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 News Updates

GOP Chairman Webster Engineers a "Romney Win" in Maine by
Cancelling Caucuses and not reporting others
Click Here -- and then -- Click Here

 Open Letter to Chairman of Maine GOP
Click Here
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Click Here for Maine Caucus Results reported to us
(Sorry, you may need a gmail address to view; you can set up a gmail address quickly at
At very bottom of the google doc, find a tab for each county, and each town within the county; Clicking the small horizontal lines at left bottom will give you a menu of all pages; we have gotten a message from google that sometimes too many people are viewing the doc, and the tabs at the bottom of the doc don't show up; try back again if that happens.

Help Watch the Vote!
Email:; phone: 513-878-0378

Maine Attendees: If you have been an attendee or participant - and Eye-Witnessed one of the 105 Maine local Caucus gatherings please report your State, your Caucus Location, and the results for each candidate to -- or call your results into our 24 hour hotline at: 513-878-0378; leave name and phone number, although we would not make personal information public without your permission. If Maine state GOP HQs announce false Caucus results -- then eye-witnesses would need to be willing to sign affidavits to refute them, as Edward True did in Iowa (see below). IF YOU HAVE a picture of the tally sheet at your caucus, send it as an attachment to - or upload it to our facebook page by searching for "WatchTheVote2012" (no spaces) at And please sign up for WatchTheVote Email updates at top of left hand column, and join our facebook page as this national movement builds. Thanks.

All verifiable reports so far indicate that Ron Paul is winning in landslides in many places in Maine and Nevada, or coming in a close second in other locations. Romney was projected "winner" in Nevada as the Caucus opened, with no votes cast. This was a phony projection, not knowable at that time. Now Nevada GOP HQ says they have "mystery ballot boxes". Riiiiigggggggghhht! The Nevada GOP has not yet announced final results with days transpiring since the end of the Nevada Caucus. The Iowa State GOP Chairman resigned a few days after the "official" Iowa Caucus results were announced; the Nevada State GOP Chairman resigned within 24 hours of the end of the Nevada Caucus. Maine GOP HQ says they will not release results until Feb 11, 2012. While we insist on a fair count for everyone, it is obvious the main target of dirty tricks is Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. See links immediately below:

Nevada GOP HQ Playing with "Mystery Boxes of Ballots"

Ron Paul Wins Filmed Caucus in Nevada by Total Landslide
(See Top Video on this page)

Nevada Vote Fraud Official

Stay Tuned

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Breaking: Iowa State GOP HQ Backs down after 1/2 day of trying to discredit Edward True -- GOP Appanoose County Chair in Iowa confirms the truth of Edward L. True's affidavit
Thank you, Mr. Brinegar. Click here for Des Moines Register story.

Important: Click here for why everyone should disregard the idiotic comments of Professor Dennis Goldford of Drake University criticizing the Iowa Caucus Local Process in the above linked story

 More Breaking News on News!  So far stories about Edward True's earth-shaking affidavit have appeared on KCCI TV in Des Moines, Iowa (see at - excellent report) and the Huffington Post. At this minute, the True Affidavit, with its supporting evidence and other witnesses, -- changes the winner of the Iowa Caucus 2012 FROM Romney TO Santorum -- if no more discrepancies are found. Stay Tuned

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

 Note: You Have to have a Gmail Email to view these Iowa Caucus Vote Results Documents Below.
You can create a Gmail Email at  
We just are realizing this on Iowa Caucus Nite, so sorry for any inconvenience.

Click below for the Document that will give you what Numbers we Have.
The top of the document is the Totals for the State we have so for.
You have to pick the tab of the County that you want to look at.
Our gathering of the results from the local level may trickle in slower than we all might like
-- but we will stick with getting the numbers from the local county level until we get all we can.

Vote Count We Have so Far for Iowa Caucus 2012
For the Whole State, and By County

Click Immediately above to See Google Doc with Results We Have So Far
(When it is FINAL, we will post FINAL here in red -- even if it takes days


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Below are Items Published before Iowa Caucus 2012 - on Strategy:


The Last Piece of the Puzzle:
Click Here: Urgent!
Register as a Vote Monitor If You Will Be In Iowa

A Vote Monitor is a ("boots on the ground") person in Iowa on the night of the Iowa Caucus 2012 (Jan 3, 2012 - starts at 7 PM CST). --- A Vote Monitor can be either an Iowan who is already attending a local Caucus gathering -- or an out-of-stater who was able to drive into Iowa to watch the vote at one local Caucus gathering as a reporter for -- When you click through and register, -- you will be Immediately sent an email telling you who your "Watch The Vote 2012" County Contact is.  Then contact your County Leader, and AFTER the Caucus is over on Tuesday night, call your County Leader and report the results you eye-witnessed at your local Caucus gathering. Then the County Leader will upload the results you eye-witnessed to the internet -- to checkmate any potential election riggers.
(You can also sign up to be a county leader if you are not going to be in Iowa that night. See Job description when you click through to the next page.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Read the Open Letter to the 5 Big TV Networks, AP, and National Election Pool
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 Attention:  Vote Monitors Seeking Your County Leader: Links for the 99 "WatchTheVote2012" Iowa County Leaders - and How to Find Your Local Caucus on the Night of the Iowa Caucus - are below the two videos on this page
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Job Description for County Leader - and - Job Description for Vote Monitors
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(To join the Network America Ewire for "Watch the Vote 2012" updates -- go to, bottom of home page; enter your email, & then answer confirmation email when it arrives a few seconds later.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Iowa STATE GOP HQ & Big TV Network henchmen are planning to steal the Iowa Caucus from Ron Paul.
 (unless we are watching; see videos below)


List of Caucus Locations for Iowa Caucus  by County -- you can also find your caucus location here

For Explanation of Why We -- and America -- SO URGENTLY Need Your Help Watching the Vote at the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2012 , see below, under the five stars (* * * * *)

These Three Presidential Candidates Are in Grave Danger of being cheated on Iowa Caucus Night 2012 by The Iowa State GOP and the 5 Big TV Networks. - It happened to Pat Buchanan in 1996 -- Don't Let it Happen AGAIN!

Be a BraveHeart Grassroots Citizen:

Our Accompanying FaceBook Page, erected by intrepid freedom fighter Gavin Greer of California, can be found here:
You can also sign into Facebook, and then search for: Watchthevote2012
Use this Facebook Page to: 1) volunteer to be a "computer uploader" to help upload the results for one of the 99 Iowa Counties on Jan 3, 2012, Iowa Caucus night; -- 2: Volunteer to attend one of the 1784 local caucus gatherings on at 7 PM on Jan 3, 2012, eye-witness the results, and then post the results you see to the our facebook page, and also text, email, or call the results to the "WatchTheVote2012" person assigned to your county, as found on this website. An "eye-witness" can either be an Iowan voting in the local caucus, or someone from a surrounding state who drives to a local caucus gathering; If you're an out-of-stater -- contact the "WatchtheVote2012" leader assigned to your county to find out where eye-witnesses are still needed.
Here's a List of "WatchTheVote2012" leaders by County:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can make a big difference by volunteering for 1 of 2 tasks on
Iowa Caucus Night, January 3, 2012:

1. If you are an Iowan, or if you are within driving distance from Iowa on Caucus night, you can perform an invaluable service by going to one of the the 1784 local caucus gatherings and WITNESSING the actual count, which will be done by a show of hands or on paper ballots, counted in the open right after the voting takes place. (Videotaping the event is the best, if possible.) -- You can then take a video, or a cell phone picture of the tally sheet, if possible, or just record the results by handwriting on a piece of paper. Then you either email, text, call, or post on our Facebook Page -- the results you witnessed at your local caucus, with both the county you are in, and address of your local  caucus gathering included. For Iowans who are attending a local caucus anyway, this just amounts to a few minutes of effort on top of showing up and participating.  (You would then copy your results by email to, as soon as you are able to, even if it's later that night.) AND THEN --

2. We need volunteers for 99 "Computer Uploaders" -- who can be sitting anywhere in the USA at their computer. One of these individuals will be assigned to each of Iowa's 99 counties. That means each of these 99 "computer uploaders" will have a "vote monitor" (those who volunteer for task #1 above) from each of the 18 local gatherings (on average per county) in that county. The "computer uploader" will then upload the results to his section of this website for the local caucuses in his assigned county, and the results will go up on the internet LIVE in real time.

 SO, NOW, PLEASE, IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN, go to our Facebook page (above) and volunteer for task #1 if you are in or near Iowa, -- and task #2 if you are not (although technically Iowans could do task #2 also, but Iowans should be physically at a caucus that night if possible). - We'll get back to you with assignments.

* * * * * *

By the way, these resources / skills are also needed:

1. We need a list of the 1784 local caucus gatherings by county, and with address. These may have to be accumulated from the county newspaper in each county, unless a master list can be found. Surely a master list exists.

2. We will have to have the programming done so that on this website, as the totals for each local gathering are uploaded, that the results will automatically calculate for each county, and for the Iowa Caucus as a whole. Results will be kept on this website for: Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum -- and "other." There will shortly be a tally sheet on this website that you will be able to download if you are local "vote monitor", or you can just make up your own.

3. The local logistics are: Iowa Caucus takes place on January 3, 2012 at 7 PM CST, in 1784 local caucus gatherings across Iowa's 99 counties. There has historically been an average of 50 to 60 people at each gathering. The local folks from that neighborhood or town gather, vote for their choice for President (amongst other action items), and the results are tabulated by a show of hands, or by writing each person's Presidential choice on a blank piece of paper. In either case, the counting of the ballots or hands can be witnessed by every person present. The Iowa Caucus is a perfectly fair and honest system, PROVIDED we are watching to make sure no one at the STATE or NATIONAL level ALTERS the results after the local people call them in.

The local people do things honestly and above board -- it's at the STATE level that the Iowa Caucus will be rigged -- unless one or more Citizen Groups are DOUBLE-CHECKING the results by adding up the results from each local caucus INDEPENDENTLY form the Iowa GOP State Leadership and National Election Pool (the creature of the 5 Big TV networks). 

* * * * *

The Local Grassroots Iowans Will Do Everything "Above Board" and Honest at the 1784 LOCAL caucus gatherings on January 3, 2012 -- but Once The Local Folks Call in Their Results, The Iowa State GOP Riggs the Iowa Caucus -- IF no one is watching!

This is an emergency, grassroots "Internet Social Networking Effort" to monitor the vote on the night of the Iowa Caucus 2012 -- to be held on January 3, 2012.
The Iowa STATE Republican Party has a long history of rigging both the Iowa Straw Poll and the Iowa Caucus against populist, constitutionalist candidates like Ron Paul. The RHINO GOP establishment also hates Presidential candidates like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, even though these two are acceptable to the RHINOS in foreign policy matters. But, since Bachmann and Santorum ACTUALLY believe in their domestic and social issue agendas for the USA, they are also in danger of being cheated out of votes received at the state level. These three Presidential candidates are in grave danger of being election-rigged at the Iowa Caucus on the night of January 3, 2012. This is not an accusation against the Gingrich or Romney or Perry campaigns -- but against the Iowa STATE GOP, and whichever groups they are in alliance with to "count" the votes at the state level.
Truth in advertising: this website and our related Facebook page (near top of page) was started in mid December 2011 by Ron Paul supporters. BUT supporters of ALL the GOP Presidential campaigns are welcome to use this page and the Facebook presence to help monitor the vote on Iowa Caucus Night 2012!
We just want to know who the REAL WINNER is on the night of Iowa Caucus 2012, -- and what the REAL COUNT is, -- and not have Ron Paul, or Michele Bachmann, or Rick Santorum cheated out of votes they actually receive -- as happened to Pat Buchanan and his supporters in the 1996 Iowa Caucus (held on Feb 12 of that year) when the Iowa State GOP was rigging the Iowa Caucus that year for RHINO Bob Dole.

Pat Buchanan, circa 1996,  cheated out of 13% of his vote in Dubuque County alone that year.

The establishment GOP wanted Sen. Bob Dole in 1996, and local activists were watching in Dubuque County, and proved that 13% of Buchanan's vote in Dubuque County was stolen that night by the brazen collusion of the Iowa State GOP and Voter News Service (owned by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and AP wire at that time; FOX came into existence and became a part owner by 1998; in 2003 Voter News Service changed their name to National Election Pool, to protect the guilty; see at the link immediately below and learn what ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, Rush, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, etc. -- have been hiding from you: 

The sinister role of Voter News Service (VNS), now National Election Pool (NEP), is revealed in the book "Votescam: The Stealing of America", by James and Kenneth Collier, and in the article, "A House without Doors." -- For the full story on how Buchanan was cheated in 1996, read the short article "A House Without Doors" -- found here:


Activists supporting the Buchanan campaign were only monitoring the 41 local caucus gatherings in Dubuque County in 1996, and NO ONE was monitoring the other 1860 local caucus gatherings in the other 98 counties. So the Iowa State GOP, in conjunction with the sinister "Voter News Service", simply altered the vote AT THE STATE LEVEL, once the local folks had called in their results and headed home, in order to make the lackluster Sen. Bob Dole "the winner" in 1996. Both the Iowa State GOP leadership and New York based Voter News Service stonewalled citizen inquiries for months after the Iowa Caucus in 1996 - and have stonewalled to this day, rather than correct the vote totals.
Ron Paul supporters, and Michelle Bachmann supporters, and Rick Santorum supporters had better monitor all 1784 local caucus gatherings in all 99 counties this time, in 2012! (Supporters of the Gingrich, Romney, Perry, and the Huntsman campaign are also most welcome to help monitor the vote count, but these are the establishment GOP candidates, and one of them will probably be the beneficiary of caucus-rigging by the Iowa State GOP leadership -- IF the Iowa GOP Leadership can get away with it again.
THIS PAGE, and our accompanying Facebook presence (listed near the top of this page), -- is for those who want to prevent election rigging in the Iowa Caucus this year, in 2012!
Now, time is of the essence, -- go back near the top of this page and read the TWO ways in which you can volunteer to help, and then pick one, and contact us through our Facebook page.
FOR more in depth knowledge of the crookedness, and other realities about the Iowa Caucus over the years, go here:

Please note: The Bachmann and Santorum campaigns have probably never had any of these thoughts about potential Caucus rigging by the Iowa State GOP HQ cross their minds.
But, in articles at the webpage linked immediately above -- you will find that in 2007-2008 SOME of the TOP paid staff of the Ron Paul Campaign in Iowa and NH were actively obstructing our "Watch The Vote 2008 - Vote in Sunshine" efforts to monitor the vote in Iowa and New Hampshire, -- and trying to discourage many of YOU, you who are the grassroots Ron Paul Supporters, from cooperating with a simple, independent "vote monitoring" effort like this one. We say: DO WHATEVER THE CAMPAIGN WANTS, but ALSO take an extra five minutes after your local Caucus results are announced, and contact our Watch The Vote 2012 system as explained on the Facebook page in the "Job description" link for Watch the Vote County Leaders and "boots on the ground" Vote Monitors.
We know we at WatchTheVote2012 are being stonewalled by the RP paid staff in Iowa, we just hope the paid staff is NOTdiscouraging Iowans from contacting Watch the Vote 2012 with the vote results in their Caucus at the end of the local caucuses of Jan 3, 2012 (a five to ten minute expenditure of time).

THIS IS NOT A CHARGE AGAINST RON PAUL OR SENATOR RAND PAUL, both of whom have called for sensible vote monitoring when the issue has been raised in their presence.

DON'T LET ANYONE DISCOURAGE YOU FROM MAKING A SIMPLE CALL, TEXT, OR Facebook POSTING of the actual vote count you eye-witness at your local caucus gathering.
As it stands, YOUR monitoring of one of the local 1784 Iowa Caucus gatherings, in cooperation with hundreds of our fellow grassroots citizens -- is all that's standing between AN HONEST REPORTING OF THE Iowa Caucus 2012 COUNT -- and a rigged result engineered by the Iowa State GOP leadership in conjunction with National Election Pool.
We will shortly issue OPEN LETTERS on the internet -- and REGISTERED LETTERS through normal mail -- to the IOWA GOP LEADERSHIP, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and News Election Pool -- that they are being watched, and that they will be CAUGHT this time if they try and alter the Iowa Caucus vote at the state level -- like they did in 1996. (Copies of these Open Letters will be posted on this website.)
BUT THE ONLY WAY OUR WARNING can be effective, is if 99 grassroots citizens volunteer to cover one county each at their computers on election night, so that a "vote monitor" from each of the 18 or so gatherings in that county can contact the "computer uploader" with the actual vote count they eye-witness. The "uploader", who can be at their computer anywhere in the USA, will then upload the true results to the internet on this website for all the world to see. Thus, the potential election rigging crooks will be CHECKMATED! And if Ron Paul really wins, he will be announced as the winner. And if Michele Bachmann wins, she will be announced the winner, and if Newt Gingrich wins, then he will be announced the winner, and so on.
OUR GOAL is to report to the nation the REAL WINNER, whoever it is. We strongly fear, based on history, that this is NOT the goal of the Iowa GOP, or National Election Pool (NEP), owned by the 5 Big TV Networks and AP.
Again, time is of the essence, -- go back near the top of this page and read the TWO ways in which you can volunteer to help, and then pick one, and contact us through our Facebook page.
With the internet and Social Networking sites -- we can make it happen!
Calling all BraveHearts and Warrior-Poets who want to save our beloved Nation!


―   END   ―