New Hampshire Primary 2012  
-- 80% of the ballots processed by illegal, secret computer Count. The NH Secretary of State broke NH State Law

Of the 127 hand-counted NH towns, about 17 of our WatchTheVote2012 eye-witnesses have reported. We can now reveal that we were able to place Vote Monitors at about 27 of the hand-counted towns, or almost 25%. This was a good sampling, but we had hoped to place Vote Monitors in all hand-counted NH towns. With another week, we could have placed VM'S everywhere, but word of mouth spread at the rate it did in the week since Iowa. (This is an all volunteer effort.) Our hand-counted numbers are showing roughly the same ratios that the NH Secretary of State's office is showing across the board for both hand counted and computer counted towns: Romney 1st place: Paul 2nd place; Huntsman 3rd Place; Gingrich 4th place. Stay tuned as the rest of our eye-witnessed numbers come in. Our Vote Monitors are observing where the count was in the open, and where our eye-witnesses saw it first hand. There is little or no chance of warping the vote result in such transparent vote counts. While it is not always done (if the Ruling Elite's Big Media get their way and persuade the public to vote for their chosen candidate or candidates), -- there is EVERY CHANCE to warp election results in large or subtle ways when illegal, unconstitutional secret computer counts are employed - as long as it's "believable" as formed by the pre-election day Big Media propaganda. That's why they do constant polls, to see if their propaganda is working. While they look at the real results of their polls -- they don't always publish the real results for us to see.)
See article on NH computer counts & Mark Adams's comments about it below vote count link.
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Vote Monitors from NH -- call in results to Hotline (leave message) at 513-878-0378; and send email with results and picture (if any) to when you can for paper trail; and upload pictures of tally sheet, if any, to facebook page for WatchTheVote2012 New Hampshire (see drop down list when you search on facebook for "WatchTheVote2012" no spaces.)
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 New Hampshire Primary Vote Results in the linked Google Doc Below.

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 Background for tonight:  
There are 127 hand-counted towns in NH, and illegal, secret-computer-counts in appx 140 NH towns tonight - Eye-Witness reporters for WatchTheVote2012 and are on the scene in as many hand-counted towns as we could arrange, and we'll get their reports as a hoped for check and balance on the secret computer counted towns. Click immediately below to see town counts reported so far (don't expect much before 9 PM EST, as  the counting takes place between 7 PM and 9 PM EST).

 (See links below for dynamic info on the illegality of secret computer counts in NH Tonight.)

NH Primary Vote Count for Jan 10, 2010  (Google Doc)

as reported by WatchTheVote2012 Eye-Witness Reporters at each hand-counted Polling Location
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Article with Revealing Info about Computer Counts in NH tonight
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New Hampshire State Law Specifically Forbids Secret Computer Counts -
Honest Attorney Mark Adams in Florida Comments on the above linked article
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Secret Computer Counts Are Illegal, unconstitutional,
and in violation of at least two Supreme Court Decisions
See YouTube Video (10 min),
"South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul"

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  Attention:  Especially NH Vote Monitor Volunteers: Call Our "Watch the Vote 2012" number at   513-878-0378   to give reports, comments, or results from the field, -- leave a message with your name, phone, and location -- and the results you witness. Our "Watch the Vote 2012" conference call line is 641-715-3200, Pin: 1064662#. Tonight, NH Primary Night, the conference call line will be active from 4 PM till ?-- that's on Jan 10, 2012 Primary Nite. --  EVERYONE! Be sure to join our page by searching for "WatchTheVote2012" -- no spaces.

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Breaking!:  Adam Kokesh, Irag Vet and TV Host Endorses "WatchTheVote2012" Effort
-- and will be Vote Monitor near Manchester on NH Primary Day! 
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 Breaking!  New Hampshire Battle Plan Info At This Link!
Info on the 127 NH Towns which hand-count the votes IN THE OPEN
on Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012 at 7 PM -- Click Here!

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NH Primary Vote Count for Jan 10, 2010
as reported by WatchTheVote2012 Eye-Witness Reporters at each Polling Location