Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster Engineers a "Romney Win" with Many of the Votes Not Counted

In another outrage (similar to the Iowa Caucus), on the night of February 10th, 2012, Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster shamelessly announced Romney as the "Winner" of the Maine Caucus -- by only 194 votes statewide -- with many places not counted in. To make things worse, Webster and his clone County Chairman in Washington County  CANCELLED the event without warning, even though there was no snow in the area outside of light dusting. Half of Hancock County was similarly cancelled. Both are known to be Ron Paul strongholds. The cancelled events have been postponed until later in February, or even into March.

Thanks to the help of Maine activist and Aroostook Watchman talk show host, Steve Martin, and some others, WatchTheVote2012 was able to post fully 1/3 of the votes cast so far statewide. Ron Paul was leading the other candidates by about 25% (42% for Paul to 33% for Romney, 20% for Santorum and 5% for Gingrich. *See our WatchTheVote google doc at the top of home page)


The primary goal of the GOP Maine Chairman, Charlie Webster, -- seemed to be to announce Mitt Romney as the winner no matter what. The Maine GOP, by its own admission in its February 10th announcement and press release, did not have complete results from even the Caucuses that were held. And within just hours of the beginning of the Maine Caucus, suddenly significant local caucuses were being postponed to later days, after Feb 11. This flurry of postponements could not have happened without the the collusion of the Maine GOP HQ.


By the collusion of Maine GOP HQ and the local GOP leadership in Washington County (a Ron Paul stronghold) --- the entire Washington County caucus was CANCELLED without warning, at the last minute - to be postponed until a week later. Many people showed up to vote and were surprised to be told the caucus had been postponed.

While there were weather reports of POSSIBLE inclement weather, none materialized -- and even the GIRL SCOUTS did not cancel their event yesterday in Washington County, Maine. NOW, here's the problem: GOP Maine Chairman, Charlie Webster (an operative of the hideous Sen. Olympia Snow), said in the letter released by the Maine GOP HQ to the national press last night, -- that the Washington County votes would NOT be added in to the state totals when that county's caucus is held on February 17, 2012. He said that Washington County and others did not choose to participate -- which is false. He and the GOP leadership of Washington County CANCELLED the event on February 11th, without warning to the participants!

While the media and the GOP HQ in Maine are announcing to the national media that the "results" are Romney 39% to Paul's 36% -- this sounds bigger than it is -- as the difference, as published, is only 194 votes -- even if we accept the Maine GOP published numbers, which at this point we do not without double checking them with our cooperating eye-witnesses on the ground. SO --

We'll see if the Maine GOP HQ can get away with ignoring the results from the postponed counties, such as Washington County, that are still holding their caucuses later this week -- and if they can get away with ignoring the caucus results in towns which held caucuses on February 10th, but which the Maine GOP website did not report on that day. And we'll see if the Maine GOP HQ published true numbers for the caucuses that they did publish on February 10th -- or do we have another Iowa scandal brewing?

Now It's Just a Beauty Contest? Then Why Strain to Announce Romney the "Winner" Without all the Results In?

In the official letter with the "results" linked on  -- the Maine GOP was emphasizing that this was a "beauty contest" -- and didn't mean that much, in so many words.

OK -- then why all the straining and manipulation to announce Mitt Romney the "winner" before all the results are in? Why the sudden announcement that many caucuses will NOT be counted in? Of course, this dubious "result" was dutifully parroted all over by the Big Media (both radio and TV) last night. The national news half-hour breaks on 1400 Clear Channel talk stations carried that "Romney wins Maine."

This is the modus operandi of both major parties when they are trying to manipulate the results for public perception: announce the "result" the Ruling Elite behind the major parties want, because this is what makes an impression on the public. We had a surprise party on one of my sisters on the night of February 10th, 2012 -- and two of my brothers and sisters had heard that "Romney wins Maine" and accepted it without question. THIS WAS THE GOAL OF MAINE GOP STATE CHAIRMAN Charlie Webster, and the power brokers behind him.

This is another reminder that we are fighting a tough, ruthless, disciplined Communist-style "party" running both the GOP and the Democratic party -- and no contest is too little for them to manipulate. They want to "win" everything. They also want to send a message to patriotic campaigns like the Ron Paul campaign: "It's hopeless, give up, nothing you do works." Do not fall for this. What we need is righteous indignation demanding the removal of all these GOP operatives (and Dem operatives) who install unknowable "election" systems, and/or try to manipulate events to get the outcome they want, rather than just try to run elections with an even playing field. These are petty tyrants enforcing the will of the background Tyrants -- and we must keep directing Americans onto the proper battlefields with a goal to evict these usurpers from our major parties and government, and then restore our country behind honest, normal Americans who want the true freedoms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, including our complete right to vote in VERIFIABLE elections, as defined several times by still standing US Supreme Court decisions.

Jim Condit Jr.
February 11, 2012