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Santorum now wins Iowa by 34 votes (kindof)
 -- but, simultaneously, the Election Officials at Iowa State GOP HQ Say, They "Will Never Get to the Bottom of Who Really Won the Iowa Caucus" - HA! HA! HA! --

They, the Iowa GOP, ADMIT they (at the state level) Reported 130 local caucus/precincts WRONG on Caucus nite! Inexcusable! The local Iowans were honest! How could the State GOOF up taking the phone reports of the results, UNLESS THEY WANTED TO? Since they ADMIT they reported 130 local Caucus Results wrong on Caucus Nite -- how about the other 1644 local caucuses? Why should we take any of those results seriously as you at the STATE IOWA GOP HQ report them NOW? -- Unless we see the tally sheets from each local caucus - backed by affidavits from local participants, such as Edward True provided to the press and the world? Question: Did Ron Paul Really win? Did you at the Iowa state GOP HQ steal an AVERAGE of 3 or 4 votes from Paul for each local Caucus? Or What? Did you falsify many precincts to put the Ruling Elite's pre-selected GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, in the "lead" on Caucus Nite so that ROMNEY could claim the "victory" for weeks, getting the "front runner" money and momentum? The time to say you weren't sure was JAN 3, 2012 -- the night of the Iowa Caucus -- YOU IOWA GOP STATE HQ BRAIN-BOXES! And the Des Moines Register states for the first Time ANYWHERE that Pat Buchanan may have won the 1996 Iowa Caucus -- NOT Bob Dole! Click Here for that story (scroll down in story to 1996)