Answering the Smears and Lies from the "Vultures and Thieves at our Backs"

Many have been thrown into doubt and confusion about helping WatchTheVote2012 by the age-old tactic launched by the de facto (in fact, regardless of intention) Saboteurs in the RP Iowa Paid Staff: an all our smear campaign against the maker of the "Watch The Vote 2012 Videos, Jim Condit Jr., and  so we are forced to respond.

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Jim Condit Jr. Answers RP Iowa Paid Staff members, such as Demetria Kesaria and Matt Collins, on their absurd (or treacherous) war on the WatchTheVote2012 Effort, Telling RP supporters to stay out of Iowa - and NOT to Cooperate with WatchTheVote2012

Challenging the authenticity of the letter put out by RP staffer Matt Collins under Ron Paul's name, in which Collins has Ron Paul saying (paraphrase) "No more Volunteers should come to Iowa" (coming)

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 Conference Call Schedule

 Conference Call Number:  641-715-3200 -- Pin: 1064662#
Sunday, Jan 1, 2012, conference calls will be from 4 PM to 2 AM EST, beginning at the top of every hour
Monday, Jan 2, 2012, conference calls will be from 2 PM to 2 AM EST, beginning at the top of every hour
Tuesday Jan 3, 2012, IOWA CAUCUS DAY, the conference call line will be open from 2 PM to ?, for county leaders or vote monitors to call in with any questions, reports, or concerns.
(Would the county leaders call into the Sunday, Jan 1, 2012 conference call at some time. Thanks.)

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