South Carolina Primary
 South Carolina Primary has No Ballots! No Paper trail! There can be no
Citizen Eye-Witnesses to the vote count in the South Carolina Priimary --

For more info on nationwide computer votefraud problem: videos: "Hacking Democracy", an HBO documentary; "Uncounted," another documentary; "The Right to Count", another documentary - search "The Right To Count Trailer" on youtube; books: "Votescam: The Stealing of America," by James & Kenneth Collier (the foundational book); "Black Box Voting," by Bev Harris, paperback and free at; "Hacked!: High Tech Election Theft in America" by Vickie Karp and Abbe DeLozier; websites: -- see articles down right hand side of home page; and (excellent research); ; (exhaustive up to the minute coverage of the votefraud issue by Brad Friedman)

 Theatre of the Absurd: South Carolina Primary


And Now - We move into the  Theatre of the Absurd: South Carolina Primary .

No Paper Ballots.

No Paper Trail.

Just Bleeps of energy supposedly going through phone lines, computer lines, or the wireless ether.

See this 10 Min YouTube video:
"South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul"

This is a 2008 video, but still applies.

The South Carolina Primary "election" is:

* illegal according to South Carolina state law

* unconstitutional as it is in violation of at least two US Supreme Court decisions

* in violation of the "consent of the governed" phrase in the Declaration of Independence

* and in direct violation of the US Constitution in several places, such as Article 1, Section 2 which says, ". . . The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states . . ." -- because:

A doubtful election is no election at all, as the US Supreme Court has ruled at least twice that we have a right to cast a ballot AND a right to KNOW that our vote was counted accurately. -- We can't know anything in computer elections as no one can see what's happening inside a computer.

We, the people, must not accept secretly counted "elections", on secret programs written by unknown programmers. - when there is no paper trail and no paper -- thus, making it impossible to reconstruct anything if there is a computer breakdown.

This is "in your face" violation of law and common sense.

The South Carolina Primary is the "Computer VoteFraud Syndicate" in Action. Please note that all 5 Big TV Networks remain silent on this criminal election activity, -- as usual moving as one entity against the interests of the American people.

And ALL coming Primary elections, and the coming November Election will be "counted" on easily rigged, unverifiable computer programs, run basically by 4 major mega-corporations, and programmed by unknown programmers. One company, ES &S (Election System & Software headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska -- counts 61% of the vote in the USA at the November Election. See the link on to the article "How They Could Steal the Election this Time," written by veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger, which appeared in "The Nation" magazine in August, 2004. ES &S is the company which is running the South Carolina Primary "election" in 2012.

Join the "WatchTheVote2012" Facebook page and help us blow the whistle on these un-American, illegal secret computer counts -- and restore honest voting.

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