Open Letter to the Nebraska State Republican Leadership


To: Mr. Mark Fahleson, Chairman, Republican Party of Nebraska
cc: Ben Swan, WXIX, Cincinnati, Ohio; John Avlon, Newsweek; Erin Burnett, CNN

From: Mr. Edward True, with Watch The Vote 2012

Re: Rules and Procedures at the Upcoming Nebraska State Convention, July 13, 2012


My name is Edward True of Appanoose County, Iowa. I am writing on behalf of Watch The Vote 2012.

I write this open letter at this time because eyes across the nation this week are on the Nebraska GOP state convention. The Nebraska GOP convention could have a great impact on the National Republican Presidential Convention coming up in Tampa.

Our concern is that the Nebraska GOP state convention have an open, verifiable, transparent vote count as we did at the local level in the Iowa Presidential Caucus 2012.


Some of you may have heard that my affidavit regarding my eye witness account of one of the 1700+ local caucus gatherings in the January 3, 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucuses led to the changing of the winner of the Iowa Caucus from Mitt Romney on January 3 to Rick Santorum circa January 17.  This was apparently the first time in US history such a change of winner has ever happened in a major Presidential Caucus. 

This correcting of the initial published result was possible only because the Iowa Caucus balloting was conducted in the open - and counted in the open - at the local level; in other words, the Iowa Caucus was not conducted by secret computer count on secret computer programs at the local level – or there would have been nothing for me or anyone else to eye-witness regarding the count. No one can see what’s happening in a computer, even if he or she is standing right next to it.

Also, the so called “test” done to gain the confidence of many not familiar with computer programming – is worthless. The computer or computer/scanner can be programmed to do the initial test accurately, but then be further programmed to distort the results once the real counting in the real election begins.

Without the open process of the Iowa Caucus at the local level, there would have been no chance of myself or anyone else noticing and correcting an error in the published results of the secret computer count which had been conducted by the Iowa GOP at the state level.

Since I noticed a 20 vote error in favor of Mitt Romney in my local caucus gathering at our local library, and since Romney had been declared the winner on January 3, 2012 by only 8 votes, then the error I caught at the state level caused Rick Santorum to be declared the winner of the 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucuses circa January 17, 2012 – two weeks after the actual caucus. (See below for more documentation on this matter if you are new to the subject.)


When I noticed the error on January 4, I had gone onto the CNN website asking for help when two activists with Watch The Vote 2012, Mike Smith of Texas and Judy Spady (an alternate delegate to the Tampa GOP National Convention) of Durango, Colorado, noticed my request for help. Right then I teamed up with the Watch The Vote 2012 team of activists which spans across the nation.

Watch The Vote 2012 published my affidavit on its website, and my affidavit can be read here:

While the Iowa GOP tried to minimize this development at first, Des Moines, Iowa TV station KCCI, Newsweek Senior Columnist, John Avlon, and Erin Burnett, host of CNN’s Outfront program, did not.


(By the way, you can connect to us at Facebook by searching for “WatchTheVote2012” on Facebook, or by visiting – this WatchTheVote2012 page exists in part so that anyone can report information or grievances from their local level so that such developments can then be seen by people across the USA.)



The purpose of this letter is to plead with the GOP Nebraska state leadership and delegates to conduct an open, transparent and verifiable hand count of the paper ballots at this week’s Nebraska GOP state convention.

As things stand, as we understand it, the intention is to conduct the ballot count exclusively on secretly programmed computer scanners.

Since it appears that there will be between 300 and 500 delegates participating in this week’s Nebraska state convention, it is easy to double check the secretly programmed computers with an open hand count. At the convention, a motion could be passed  by the delegates which would direct the convention to randomly select 10 teams of 2 people each (scrutineers) who would then count the paper ballots in public, before the ballots leave public sight.

 Each of these teams of two scrutineers would then sit opposite of each other at a table and count about 30 to 50 ballots. All other delegates could be invited to watch at close range one or more the ten teams count their ballots. One scrutineer calls out the votes on each ballot, the other records the vote on a piece of paper. Then the voting results counted by each of the ten teams would be added up for the total. This would take about an hour. This is the way almost all elections were counted at the neighborhood precinct level until the “computer vote counting age” began in the 1970s.


So the solution is easy to achieve with only a few hundred delegate participants, as will be the case at this week’s Nebraska GOP state convention.

The problem with all “vote-counting” computers is that they have been programmed, by persons unknown, with source code that is not even known to the local leaders. No one can see what the software is instructing the computers to do, even if he or she is standing right next to the computer. This unacceptable problem, needless to say, is not unique to Nebraska, but affects all 50 states in the union at the primary and general elections (49 states totally, and ˝ of New Hampshire).

* I am writing to ask that this motion for an open hand count of the ballots at this week’s Nebraska GOP state convention be backed by the Nebraska state GOP leadership.

* If the Nebraska GOP state leadership does not back an open count of the paper ballots before the ballots are run through the computer scanner (“Trust but verify,” as President Ronald Reagan said), then we would ask the delegates to introduce such a motion from the floor, and then call, according to Roberts Rules of Order, for a separation of the room to determine whether the Nebraska delegates want the open vote count by hand (in addition to the later running of the ballots through the computer scanner), or not.

* A “separation of the room” means that all in favor of the motion go to one side of the room, and all opposed go to the other, so that everyone present can see with their own eyes which position prevails.

* While the use of these secret computer counts at state conventions has been heavily promoted by the RNC, the DNC, the 5 major TV networks, AP, and their jointly owned corporation, National Election Pool (see Wikipedia), -- these secret computer counts actually violate two standing US Supreme Court decisions regarding general elections, namely,  US v Mosely, 1915, and Reynolds v Sims, 1964.

* In both cases, the US Supreme Court said that our right to vote consists of two parts: a) the right to cast a ballot; b) the right to KNOW that our vote has been counted accurately.  When the “count” is conducted in secret (within a computer) powered by secretly programmed software (with source code programmed by persons unknown to even the local leadership) – then the second part of our right to vote is being violated and nullified.

* If the upcoming count for delegates in Nebraska is only counted on the secret computer scanners, and if it is a close vote, then a needless pall of doubt will be cast over the proceedings this weekend in Nebraska.  In sharp contrast to many other states this Presidential Primary year, the Nebraska GOP can help light the way for everyone else on how elections should be conducted. (Another US Supreme Court decision, Westbury v. Sanders, 1964, stated that all other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.)

* As many now know, the chain of abuses and outright falsification and/or nullification of results in the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary Process by state GOP leaderships, so far apparently backed totally by the RNC, the RNC chairman Reince Priebus and his team, have resulted in a lawsuit being filed by hundreds of GOP delegates against the RNC.  Many state Chairmen and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus himself have been served. This lawsuit has been filed in the 9th Circuit Court based in California, and several hundred delegates have joined the action. Lead lawyer Richard Gilbert believes it is possible that as many as 500 GOP national delegates and alternates will have joined the lawsuit by the time of the Nebraska GOP state convention.

* We are concerned that operatives for the Republican National Committee (RNC) are descending on the Nebraska state convention to purportedly act as “parliamentarians” or referees. The RNC and its state affiliate leaderships have not acted as a referee so far, but as a shameless and dishonest partisan for Presidential Candidate  Mitt Romney, often rushing to the media microphones to announce Romney as the “winner” when the reality on the ground in no way justified such an announcement.

* While this letter is directed to all delegates to the 2012 Nebraska GOP state convention, and we hope that all delegates, no matter who they support, back this plea for an open, verifiable, hand count of the paper ballots, a word to the Ron Paul supporters amongst the delegates: do not trust paid staff from the Ron Paul Presidential campaign to help you watch the vote; it is on the record that many of the paid staff of the Ron Paul Campaign are betraying the interests of the grassroots by obstructing any effort to watch the vote in any primary.  

* This observation and warning is in no way a knock against Dr. Ron Paul and his family, whose personal efforts and public appearances have been exemplary over three decades. Many at Watch The Vote 2012 believe that Dr. Paul and his family have likewise been betrayed by some of these prominent Ron Paul Presidential Campaign paid staff members.

* Particularly egregious have been the actions or inactions at crucial moments of well paid Ron Paul staffers John Tate, Jesse Benton, Matt Collins, Drew Ivers, and Demetria Kesaria. Our Watch the Vote 2012 team asks you to not be neutralized by these operatives who have either wormed their way onto the Ron Paul staff as saboteurs from the beginning, or have struck their deal with their state GOP leadership, or the RNC and the Romney campaign. Among other things, these paid staffers have made sure that Presidential candidate Ron Paul himself is generally not scheduled to rally the troops right before key events, even though local supporters are clamoring for an appearance by Dr. Paul, as is now the case in Nebraska.

* THERE IS NO SUBSITUTE FOR AN OPEN HAND COUNT AT THESE EVENTS, and don’t let anyone, especially Ron Paul paid staffers, persuade you otherwise.



* Many of the delegates in  Nebraska and across the country are new to the political process. These delegates have worked hard and put in a lot of time to be involved. We ask that the Nebraska GOP leadership explain what is happening at each stage of the convention, educate the delegates on what they are voting on, and not hurry to close discussion, motions or nominations.

* We hope that unlike some other conventions, enough microphones are made available on the floor so the delegates can be heard if they wish to speak up or ask a point of order or point of information.

* Needless to say, we are not advocating that frivolous motions or discussions be introduced, and we, of course, urge gentlemanly and lady-like contact on the part of all present at all times. HOWEVER, the record has not shown that the new, grassroots participants have been unruly, but that many in the GOP state and national leaderships have violated the rule of law at these 2012 gatherings in order to keep control. Righteously demanding the rule of law is NOT unruly behavior, but is the necessary duty of all patriots and US citizens.

* We would urge all to appeal to representatives of the local police and Sheriff departments to be present at the Nebraska gathering for one reason: to observe the proceedings and make sure that those who actually have the votes are declared the winners.

* We hope that video cameras and cell phone cameras are allowed in the Nebraska state convention, both of the newsmedia and of private organizations and individuals. This has been a point of contention at other GOP gatherings in 2012.

* Needless to say, the Chairman running any political convention should be like the referee at a sporting event. He should make sure that everything is run fairly, and above board. And he should make sure that the rules are known to all the delegates in advance, or explained clearly at the appropriate time. The delegates, who have earned their position to be on the convention floor as voters, are analogous to the players at a sporting event. It’s the delegates that should make the decisions. And the Chairman should be meticulous to make sure that what decisions the delegates make are enforced – and this is done primarily through an open and honest count of the ballots.

It would be the insult to the delegates if they are treated as window dressing, or actors in a pre-scripted play, -- where their only function is to shut up and rubber stamp the result which has been pre-determined by the convention leadership. This is what happened in North Dakota GOP state convention blatantly, and this is what must not be allowed to transpire at the upcoming Nebraska GOP State Convention.

If the citizens of the United States of America do not ensure that the primary, caucus, and convention proceedings are fair and honest, then the entire process is a sham, and the choices the people see on the November ballot for President will have been predetermined by a Ruling Elite, rather than by the people, as our Founding Fathers intended when they framed the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Contact information follows:

Edward True at: – then search for” WatchTheVote2012” for our facebook page



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Here are some situations and videos which document the apparent violation of the rule of law by state GOP leaderships in other states during this 2012 Presidential Primary season:

If the Iowa Caucus were the only concern, it might be viewed as an unfortunate aberration. But then followed the Maine Caucus, where Maine GOP state leaders rushed to the microphones to declare Romney the winner even though many towns and counties had not yet even held their caucuses. The Maine state GOP leadership had colluded with local GOP leaders to postpone several towns and counties that were known to be favorable to Ron Paul. And Ron Paul himself raised this issue, among others, here:

And the national newsmedia  declared Romney the winner within a few minutes of the open of that caucus. Later in the day the Nevada GOP to announce that there were “ mystery ballot boxes” that prevented them from declaring a final count. In contrast, the only caucus televised (by CNN) showed Ron Paul the winner by a landslide. As far as I know, the Nevada GOP had still never declared final results.

And then there were the high handed tactics documented on youtube in the Georgia caucus, the Missouri caucus, the Washington caucus, and the North Dakota Caucus. A former leader of the North Dakota state GOP, Gary Emineth, stated immediately following the convention that the North Dakota GOP state convention was run improperly, and that the delegates were railroaded to a pre-determined victory for Romney. That video testimony  can be seen here:


* * * * *

Contact information:

Edward True at: – then search for” WatchTheVote2012” for our facebook page