This below Open Letter was sent by email to the three Maine State GOP officials below on February 8, 2012


Open Letter to MAINE GOP Chairman, Charlie Webster, Assistant to the Chairman, Michelle Dale, and Executive Director, Michael Quatrano

From: Jim Condit Jr. and

Despite efforts, apparently, of your Maine GOP State HQ office and some of the paid staff of the Ron Paul Campaign to prevent eye-witnesses from reporting results at each of the Maine Caucuses to election watchdog groups such as -- many eye-witnesses are coming forth anyway, as the population becomes more educated regarding how caucuses and primaries can be rigged at the upper levels.

We are intending to hold back some of the information we have until you release your "official results" on February 11, 2012.

Please do not force a re-run of the Iowa GOP State HQ debacle, whereby the Iowa GOP deliberately posted false results on January 3, 2012 in order to make Mitt Romney look like "the winner" before the world -- only to have to back down in the face of Edward True's affidavit two weeks later -- and declare Rick Santorum "the winner." We were holding more affidavit information to make public in Iowa, if the need had arisen.

The same is true in Maine. So please release the honest results on February 11, 2012.

We have posted enough results so that you can see that we are getting and posting accurate eye-witness reports of what actually happened at each caucus in Maine.