Attention:  NH Vote Monitor Volunteers: Call Our "Watch the Vote 2012" number at   513-878-0378    -- leave a message with your name, phone, and if you have a preferred NH town to monitor. Someone will call you back shortly. -- AND -- Our "Watch the Vote 2012" conference call line is 641-715-3200, Pin: 1064662#. On NH Primary Night, the conference call line will be active from 4 PM till ?-- that's on Jan 10, 2012 Primary Nite, -- and it may be active earlier in the day on NH Primary day. Also -- Be sure to join our page by searching for "WatchTheVote2012" -- no spaces.

 Instructions for NH Vote Monitors
on NH Primary Day, Jan 10, 2012, and Before

See Below for Instructions

 NH Polling Place Addresses:   Click here for the Polling Place address & town phone # -- for each town that hand-counts ballots in the New Hampshire Primary on January 10th, 2012
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 "WatchTheVote2012" NH Town Contact Leaders:  Click here for the "Watch The Vote 2012" Town Contact Leader for each of the below
New Hampshire Towns that hand count the votes in this year's NH Primary.

If you are a NH Vote Monitor, Please contact a Watch The Vote Town Contact Leader to coordinate Which NH Town you will Monitor on Primary Night
(We don't want 5 monitors in one town -- and 0 in others!   :-)  )
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Vote Monitors in or near New Hampshire who can make it on Jan 10, 2012 to one of the NH hand-counted towns:


Before the Counting Starts

To volunteer to be a NH Vote Monitor - Call our  24 hour "Watch The Vote 2012" message line at 513-878-0378 and leave a message with your name, phone, and email; someone will get back to you shortly to coordinate what town you go to in order to monitor the vote.  (We need to use energy well and avoid duplicate Vote Monitor Teams at one hand-counted polling place, with no Vote Monitor teams at another polling place.) -- Also, join our Facebook Page for NH Vote Monitors which is found in this way:

at  search for: "WatchTheVote2012 NEW HAMPSHIRE Vote Monitors" -- or, the exact link is:

This facebook page hooks you into everyone else in the project.


During The Counting

Then, on NH Primary night, when the Vote Monitors (you) finish helping to count the votes at their assigned polling place, -- or finish watching the ballot count if they (you) were not chosen as a counter -- you will notice that after the town crier (required by NH law) will read the vote totals for each candidate aloud, and post the official tally sheet in public view for a time. (If you are not chosen to participate in the ballot counting, you can stand behind the rope which is six feet away, and watch and listen to the people counting the votes. If you cannot see or hear well enough, ask the judges at the polling place how you can see or hear better. Watching the vote is only effective if you actually see and hear what the vote counters are doing. Report to us if there is a problem. The idea is that the PUBLIC can witness the vote counting to make sure it is correct.


Recording the Vote Totals

You are recording NH vote totals results in three ways:

1. By hand-writing the vote totals for the 7 GOP Presidential candidates on your own piece of paper.

2. By taking a photo of the official vote tally sheet, if possible.

3. If possible, by also taking video of the proceedings.


Reporting Your Vote Totals to WatchTheVote2012

You are Reporting Your Vote Total Results to WatchTheVote2012 in these three ways:

1. You are going to call the WatchTheVote2012 Hotline at 513-878-0378 and leave a message including your town location, your name, your phone number, and THE VOTE RESULTS for each Presidential candidates. (By NH Primary day, you may also have the phone number of a live person at WatchTheVote2012 to call your results to, if you wish to do that. But if you don't have the number of a live person, use the 24 hour WatchTheVote2012 Hotline above to leave your message, OR you can call your results into the conference call line to reach live people on NH Primary night at 641-715-3200, Pin: 1064662#.)

When you get access to a computer:

2. Email the results to -- including your town location, your name, your phone number, and THE VOTE RESULTS -- and any other comments you wish to make about your experience.

3. Post any picture you took they of the tally sheet (very important), and your location and your vote totals to our facebook page for NH Vote Monitors at "WatchTheVote2012 NEW HAMPSHIRE Vote Monitors" -- the exact link is:


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 Having Trouble?  IF you, as an NH (on the ground) Vote Monitor for WatchTheVote2012 -- are confused as to who to call -- call our message line at 513-878-0378. This line will be monitored, and we will get back to you. -- or after 4 PM on NH Primary Night call our live conference call line at: 641-715-3200, Pin: 1064662#

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IF we can -- all together -- witness what the real count is in the 127 hand counted towns -- then the 140 or so computer "counted" towns better not be too far off of the hand-counted totals. (Of course, to repeat, in NH each computer-counted town has the option to pull the ballots out of the computer and double-check them by hand on the spot -- which is what every town SHOULD do.