Attention:  NH Vote Monitor Volunteers: Call Our "Watch the Vote 2012" number at   513-878-0378    -- leave a message with your name, phone, and if you have a preferred NH town to monitor. Someone will call you back shortly. -- AND -- Our "Watch the Vote 2012" conference call line is 641-715-3200, Pin: 1064662#. On NH Primary Night, the conference call line will be active from 4 PM till ?-- that's on Jan 10, 2012 Primary Nite, -- and it may be active earlier in the day on NH Primary day. Also --  -- Be sure to join our page by searching for "WatchTheVote2012" -- no spaces.

"WatchTheVote2012" New Hampshire Town Contact Leaders
for the 127 Towns that Count (Below)

  If you are willing to be a NH Vote Monitor   - you can find below a "Watch The Vote 2012" Town Contact Leader for a New Hampshire Town near you which hand-counts the ballots. Then make contact with your Watch The Vote Town Contact Leader, via email as listed on this page, or via our message line at 513-878-0378 (someone will get back to you and give you the appropriate phone number) -- in order to coordinate with him so we avoid duplicate monitors at one polling place, and no monitors at a near-by polling place. You can always call 513-878-0378 and leave a message for what you need. Be sire to read the "Instructions for NH Vote Monitors" at the link below.
Click here for the Polling Place address & town phone # -- for each town that hand-counts ballots in the New Hampshire Primary on January 10th, 2012

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Instructions for NH Vote Monitors on NH Primary Night and Before
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Click here for other useful information about each of the NH Towns who hand-count  the ballots on Primary Day (spreadsheet info was too large to fit on one webpage)

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Below are the NH Town Coordinators -- if You, as A Volunteer Vote Monitory want to go to this town to watch the vote -- leave a message for the Town Coordinator next to your town by email or by voice mail. Thank you.


Town/City Watch The Vote Town Contact Phone E-Mail
ACWORTH Mike Smith 513-878-0378
ALBANY Mike Smith 513-878-0379
ALEXANDRIA Mike Smith 513-878-0380
ALSTEAD Mike Smith 513-878-0381
ANDOVER Mike Smith 513-878-0382
ANTRIM Mike Smith 513-878-0383
BARTLETT Mike Smith 513-878-0384
BATH Mike Smith 513-878-0385
BENNINGTON Mike Smith 513-878-0386
BENTON Mike Smith 513-878-0387
BETHLEHEM Robert McKee 513-878-0388
BRADFORD Robert McKee 513-878-0389
BRIDGEWATER Robert McKee 513-878-0390
BROOKFIELD Robert McKee 513-878-0391
CAMBRIDGE Robert McKee 513-878-0392
CARROLL Robert McKee 513-878-0393
CENTER HARBOR Robert McKee 513-878-0394
CHARLESTOWN Robert McKee 513-878-0395
CHATHAM Robert McKee 513-878-0396
CHESTERFIELD Robert McKee 513-878-0397
CHICHESTER Robert McKee 513-878-0398
CLARKSVILLE Chris Curto 513-878-0399
COLEBROOK Chris Curto 513-878-0400
COLUMBIA Chris Curto 513-878-0401
CORNISH Chris Curto 513-878-0402
CROYDON Chris Curto 513-878-0403
DALTON Chris Curto 513-878-0404
DANBURY Chris Curto 513-878-0405
DEERING Chris Curto 513-878-0406
DIXVILLE Chris Curto 513-878-0407
DORCHESTER Chris Curto 513-878-0408
DUBLIN Chris Curto 513-878-0409
DUMMER Dan Anderson 513-878-0410
DUNBARTON Dan Anderson 513-878-0411
EASTON Dan Anderson 513-878-0412
EATON Dan Anderson 513-878-0413
EFFINGHAM Dan Anderson 513-878-0414
ELLSWORTH Dan Anderson 513-878-0415
ERROL Dan Anderson 513-878-0416
FRANCESTOWN Dan Anderson 513-878-0417
FRANCONIA Dan Anderson 513-878-0418
FREEDOM Dan Anderson 513-878-0419
GILSUM Dan Anderson 513-878-0420
GOSHEN Jani Hol 513-878-0421
GREENFIELD Jani Hol 513-878-0422
GREENVILLE Jani Hol 513-878-0423
GROTON Jani Hol 513-878-0424
HANCOCK Jani Hol 513-878-0425
HARRISVILLE Jani Hol 513-878-0426
HART'S LOCATION Jani Hol 513-878-0427
HAVERHILL Jani Hol 513-878-0428
HEBRON Jani Hol 513-878-0429
HILL Jani Hol 513-878-0430
HINSDALE Jani Hol 513-878-0431
HOLDERNESS Aaron Stanley 513-878-0432
JACKSON Aaron Stanley 513-878-0433
JEFFERSON Aaron Stanley 513-878-0434
KENSINGTON Aaron Stanley 513-878-0435
LANCASTER Aaron Stanley 513-878-0436
LANDAFF Aaron Stanley 513-878-0437
LANGDON Aaron Stanley 513-878-0438
LEMPSTER Aaron Stanley 513-878-0439
LINCOLN Aaron Stanley 513-878-0440
LISBON Aaron Stanley 513-878-0441
LYMAN Aaron Stanley 513-878-0442
LYME Linda Muller 513-878-0443
LYNDEBOROUGH Linda Muller 513-878-0444
MADBURY Linda Muller 513-878-0445
MARLBOROUGH Linda Muller 513-878-0446
MARLOW Linda Muller 513-878-0447
MASON Linda Muller 513-878-0448
MILLSFIELD Linda Muller 513-878-0449
MONROE Linda Muller 513-878-0450
MONT VERNON Linda Muller 513-878-0451
NELSON Linda Muller 513-878-0452
NEW CASTLE Linda Muller 513-878-0453
NEWINGTON Lynn Teger 513-878-0454
NEWPORT Lynn Teger 513-878-0455
NORTHFIELD Lynn Teger 513-878-0456
NORTHUMBERLAND Lynn Teger 513-878-0457
ORANGE Lynn Teger 513-878-0458
ORFORD Lynn Teger 513-878-0459
PIERMONT Lynn Teger 513-878-0460
PINKHAM'S GRANT Lynn Teger 513-878-0461
PITTSBURG Lynn Teger 513-878-0462
PLAINFIELD Lynn Teger 513-878-0463
RANDOLPH Camden Dore 513-878-0464
RICHMOND Camden Dore 513-878-0465
ROLLINSFORD Camden Dore 513-878-0466
ROXBURY Camden Dore 513-878-0467
RUMNEY Camden Dore 513-878-0468
SALISBURY Camden Dore 513-878-0469
SANDWICH Camden Dore 513-878-0470
SARGENT'S PURCHASE Camden Dore 513-878-0471
SHARON Camden Dore 513-878-0472
SHELBURNE Camden Dore 513-878-0473
SOUTH HAMPTON Greg Clark 513-878-0474
SPRINGFIELD Greg Clark 513-878-0475
STARK Greg Clark 513-878-0476
STEWARTSTOWN Greg Clark 513-878-0477
STODDARD Greg Clark 513-878-0478
STRAFFORD Greg Clark 513-878-0479
STRATFORD Greg Clark 513-878-0480
SUGAR HILL Greg Clark 513-878-0481
SULLIVAN Greg Clark 513-878-0482
SURRY Greg Clark 513-878-0483
SUTTON John Herr 513-878-0484
TEMPLE John Herr 513-878-0485
THORNTON John Herr 513-878-0486
TROY John Herr 513-878-0487
TUFTONBORO John Herr 513-878-0488
UNITY John Herr 513-878-0489
WALPOLE WARD 01 John Herr 513-878-0490
WALPOLE WARD 02 John Herr 513-878-0491
WARNER John Herr 513-878-0492
WARREN John Herr 513-878-0493
WASHINGTON Judy Spady 513-878-0494
WATERVILLE VALLEY Judy Spady 513-878-0495
WEBSTER Judy Spady 513-878-0496
WENTWORTH Judy Spady 513-878-0497
WENTWORTH'S LOCATION Judy Spady 513-878-0498
WESTMORELAND Judy Spady 513-878-0499
WHITEFIELD Judy Spady 513-878-0500
WILMOT Judy Spady 513-878-0501
WILTON Judy Spady 513-878-0502
WINDSOR Judy Spady 513-878-0503
WOODSTOCK Judy Spady 513-878-0504